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Nowadays, new, and more modern art techniques appeared, using digital technology. Any mixed technique that involves a computer in the process can be qualified as digital art. Scans, added textures, color correction, or simply drawing on a tablet. Here, the preferred methods are often drawing in Photoshop with digital brushes, as well as the creation of vector illustrations in Illustrator.

Is it easier, though? Not really. It has, like anything else, its pros and cons. Sometimes, it can be a time-saver, while it can waste more in the struggle of recreating more natural-looking textures.

Portraits seem to often take a more fantastic art approach, as it makes it almost too easy to add this genre to more traditional portraits. Music plays a big part in my personal inspiration, here. To be sitting in front of a computer, in perfect silence, has yet to be seen!



Commissions: A custom artwork will be created according to your style preference or ideas. A few preview sketches will be made before the artist starts painting. You can choose from a variety of different print sizes and quality from FineArt papers to cotton canvas.

Original digital paintings: Artwork is always available for acquisitions directly from the artist as custom prints on FineArt papers of original digital paintings. You can browse the online store or visit the atelier located in Fribourg for more details.