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The business image is one of the most important part of success. You want people to recognize you and your products/services. We are here to help.

Graphic design explores a professional method to be able to discover the right image for you and your business. What exactly makes your brand special? What do your customers like most about you? How can you stand-out from your competitors? There are plenty of original and creative ways to answer to all of these questions and we are here to offer the solution.



Logo design: One of the specialty of Atelier Vandy. The logo will be imagined and created by the graphic designer, using current modern technologies and by following guidelines! Logo design is more than just drawing random shapes. It follows a collection of guidelines that makes it either perfect or unusable.

Business cards: Affordable business cards, printed on good quality paper, and fast? Yes. You can choose your paper and visualize the printed product in 3D before purchasing. We offer a wide range that covers all taste to make your brand stand out: square, cotton, mini, gold and silver foil, and spot gloss.

Website: Every company needs to exist on the internet. We offer a fuss-free solution here.

Branding: Everything with your logo on it. How does that sound?