Welcome to vandymagination

There is an inner-dimension of the human soul that can be found through the precise angle and application of a brush, pencil, or stylus. Traveling for inspiration, I testify the deepest of human experiences by spreading my observations through various means of art, displaying these quiet emotions to the world.

What you see on this Website are the products of one's imagination, to be shared from my eyes to yours.


Working mostly on commission, I offer a variety of services that are divided between two different categories: Illustration and Design.


Starting September 2018, I start teaching drawing techniques, at the workshop. You'll find more information, as well as registration forms on the "Classes" page.


You can browse the "Art Gallery" section to view examples of some of the recent portraits I've been working on. Having a soft spot for watercolor's spontaneity and digital painting's precision, I also offer acrylic and oil portraits on demand. Should you be interested in placing an order, I invite you to send me an email on my "Contact" page. 


My favorite design projects are to be found in the "Design Portfolio" section. These pages are carefully updated with the most recent commissions. More information about the specific design services I offer are detailed, as well, on the page.


To stay updated on my current activities, you can simply visit the "Events" page.