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Vandy is a multidisciplinary artist for who movement, emotions and people are as important as the artworks she creates. She has been immersed in artistic creation since her childhood. Her mother, an artist herself, enrolled her into oil paint classes when she was very young; Vandy discovers artistic creations and hasn’t looked back since. When the time came to choose a career path, she combined her passion for the digital and the artistic worlds and studies graphic arts in Canada, where she is from. Ever since, she multiplies techniques and accomplishments. After having worked as a graphic designer, an artist and as a tattoo artist, she moves to Switzerland, where she owns her own artist's studio (that bears her name), Atelier Vandy. It’s not only a space where she creates her artwork and special commissions for her clients, but also a space where she instills a passion for arts into others through art classes.

Artistic exploration is something that Vandy is passionate about, and she excels in all the mediums that she creates with. The desire to show different things to her audience is what pushed her to create. She liked to meld together the spontaneity that her mediums allow her and the absolute control she has over her tools, which enable her to insert countless details into her work. To create her art, she falls into her own world; with some music, a specific atmosphere and her imagination, she immerses herself into her artistic creation. Her style stands out by her vivacious use of colours, light and movements. But above all, what is at the centre of her creative endeavour is the human being. Vandy creates artworks filled with movements and emotions that catches your eye and allows you a glimpse, for a quiet moment, of her spontaneous, vibrant and passionate world.