"Au Bourg - Fête et Braderie !"

Music, good time and games, how about adding a little bit of art and creativity to it all?


I've been invited to run a display booth in August, to help promote "Le Quartier du Bourg" and gladly accepted the invitation. I will be selling a collection of quality prints of some of my favorite artwork, as well as the usual greetings cards / post cards combo. A random digital painting will be chosen to be displayed on the spot. I will also be available for information concerning the new classes starting in September 2018 or any other inquiry you might have. Other artists have recently approached me with collaboration concepts, but I'm still open to participate in a few more.


The event will be taking place at the "Rue de Lausanne", in Fribourg, on the 25th of August 2018. It is said to start around 10h00 in the morning and stretch until the shops close, which should be around 16h00.


You can find more information on the event itself on their Facebook Page.