Art Classes 2020

What's New?

This year, I would like to add more variety to the drawing classes, as I've seen students interested in learning more about colors and wanting to explore other techniques! It's true, why would we stick to only pencil drawing?


Freedom to Choose

Get the best out of the semi-private class concept by choosing yourself what you would like to work on. Another student wants to try watercolor, while you would want to work harder on pencil portrait? It's fine! When you subscribe to our classes, you are free to explore all techniques, as you see fit. One week, you might feel more creative and want to work on a whole new project? I encourage you to start another and will support you through your creative process.


Can You Try Digital Art?

If you have a laptop computer, a pen tablet, a Photoshop license (and some patience) I can teach digital painting. Together, we'll go over the basics of Photoshop and see the tools and techniques necessary to achieve what you probably know as modern digital art. You will learn about the main mistakes and traps people tend to do, when switching to digital medias. For example, it could seem tempting to use the magnifying lens to add intricate details to your art piece, but just like a traditional painter would, distancing yourself from it is the way to go.


What about rendering believable texture in Photoshop, you ask? That chapter will require time, but will allow you to create much more interesting pieces that will make people wonder what medium was used. In the end, we don't want that perfectly clean Photoshop effect, we want to translate textures as well as we can with traditional techniques.


Class Registration

You can directly fill the registration form, or read more about the classes, if you want some extra information. If that still leaves you with questions about something else that wasn't mentioned above, feel free to contact me directly. The schedules for the classes are very flexible, and if 3 people want to attend on another day, I will open a new class for the group.


It'll be a pleasure to hear from you!

- Vandy