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In these series, the use of shapes, colors and composition create a break from reality, bringing the viewer to focus on the theme and intentions of the artist towards a deeper level of symbolism and comprehension.

Abstract art gives the artist the freedom to explore deep meanings through the artwork. It creates a piece that is intensely personal and secretive in many ways. Complex or minimalistic constructions convey a different experience for the viewers. Sometimes, the artist will share the meaning with the buyer or just leave hints in between the title of the work and the final painting.



Personal interior design packages: The artist will imagine and create a custom painting according to your home decoration, or the feeling you want to convey. A few preview sketches of the future painting will be made and placed over a picture of the room for prior approval. Once approved, we make high quality custom canvases that suits the chosen design and create your unique artwork. (length: up to 200 cm, thickness of the frame: up to 4.5 cm)

Commissions: A custom artwork will be created according to your style preference or ideas. A few preview sketches will be made before the artist starts painting.

Original paintings: Artwork is always available for acquisitions directly from the artist either as prints or original paintings. You can browse the online store or visit the atelier located in Fribourg for more details.