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Vandy wields with incomparable talent pencil and inks. Whether it’s a special commission or a loved one’s portrait, Vandy’s attention to the smallest of details brings to life each and every artwork she signs. Whether they’re used alone or together, the fluidity of inks and the sharpness of pencils have no secret for the artist. In her artistic practice, Vandy favours those mediums to highlights her models’ expressions and emotions. She creates artworks filled with details; each time you look at one of her masterpieces, you discover new details that seem to magically appear before your eyes.

Portrait Process - The Long way home


Portrait process - Under the Spell


Portrait process - The Hunted


portrait process - The Moon's Hollow


Portrait Process - Crown of Perception


Black & White Ink Process - James Dean


Ink on Paper


Pencil Drawing


"The Vortex" Ink on Paper - Extended Version

Speed painting the background of "The Vortex" on paper, with my favorite set of ink! This painting was supposed to be just a test, but ended up being a piece of work with potential. Material used: Amsterdam Inks, 850g Fabriano paper (extra white)  Music: