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Vandy arrows block Watercolor

There is a certain softness and emotion brought by the liquid medium that is watercolor. Pastel colors melting into each other perfectly often make it an ideal choice for delicate works of art. More often used as a traditional landscape medium, the artist has a preference for portraits.

Often inspired by movements of dancers, music, and emotion, ordering a watercolor painting is synonym of soft pastel tones. The color schemes chosen by the artist are abstract colorful mixes that add a modern touch to the art piece.

Watercolor Portrait Process - "Galaxy"





Personalized portraits: Using a picture or a model, the artist will paint a portrait that suits chosen criteria of style, color, and mood to your taste. You can also have an idea of a character you would like to bring to life and have the artist work on character design to bring you exactly that.

Commissions: A custom artwork will be create according to your style preference or ideas. A few preview sketches will be made before the artist starts painting.

Original paintings: Artwork is always available for acquisitions directly from the artist either as prints or original paintings. You can browse the online store or visit the atelier located in Fribourg for more details.