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Vandy arrows block Watercolor

Watercolor is the medium through which Vandy can explore spontaneity. Her collections of watercolor works are an homage to impulsivity, where accidents become artworks and where light pushed through each brushstroke. Artistic control disappears, letting liberty, movement and emotions take center stage. The beauty of watercolor comes from the fact that it’s difficult to control, but without constraints; Vandy’s artworks are signed as much with her name than with the water that moves the pigment around the paper.

Cityscape Process - "Bern in Orange & Pink"


cityscape process - "Lights of Fribourg"


Watercolor Portrait Process - "Galaxy"





Personalized portraits: Using a picture or a model, the artist will paint a portrait that suits your chosen criteria of style, color, and mood. You can also have the artist bring to life any character design idea you may have.

Commissions: A custom artwork will be created according to your style preference or ideas. A few preview sketches will be made before the artist starts painting.

Original paintings: Artworks are always available for acquisition directly from the artist, either as prints or original paintings. You can browse the online store or visit the studio located in Fribourg for more details.