It's upon request that I've decided to propose 10 spots for semi-private art classes. Each class has a maximum of 5 students, so everyone can receive enough attention and support. Both courses address students of any level wishing to refresh, learn or experiment new techniques in a positive and supportive environment.


Painting Classes - All Levels

Starting October 2020, Every Tuesday

18h00 - 20h00



Drawing Class / Mix Media - All Levels

Starting October 2020, Every Thursday

18h00 - 20h00

Accepting registrations (1 place left)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are the classes?

    The classes are 22 CHF / hour and are held for 2 hours every week.

  • What material do I need to start? And where can I get it?

    For drawing technique classes, you can buy a starting package with everything you need for the class at my store, in Fribourg. The drawing kits can be purchased before class. They include sketchbooks, a variety of pencils and a special eraser.

  • How many people are in a class, typically?

    There will never be more than 5 students following the same class. That way, everyone can spend a lot of time improving and asking questions. It leads to a fast learning curve and a general calmer ambiance.

  • Can I join at any time of the year?

    Yes, semi-private classes allow new students anytime.

  • I have never taken drawing classes before; won’t I be late compared to other students?

    No, all levels are mixed, and everyone grows at their own pace. Don’t worry, the classes are designed to work perfectly that way.

  • My son/daughter would like to take manga drawing classes, is that possible?

    Yes, everyone can work towards their own goals and preferences.

  • I would like to be introduced to painting, is that something possible?

    Yes, I teach all techniques from watercolour to digital painting. Take that opportunity to test and try what you feel like.

  • If I want to try painting, do I have to buy everything myself first?

    No, these materials are offered in class. Should you be interested to buy some, we can order what you need, together.

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