Events · 26. November 2019
Find out more about the new art classes for 2020!

Events · 07. January 2019
We start again with drawing classes for 2019!

Events · 05. December 2018
On the 11th of December, you are invited to share warm tea and enjoy cookies with us!

Events · 08. August 2018
There are currently 2 places left in the semi-private drawing classes that are starting next September. If you wish to register or learn more about it, please -read more- :)

Events · 01. August 2018
I will be running a display booth, this summer, to help promote "Le Quartier du Bourg" where I will be selling some goodies and digital painting artwork. I hope to see you there!

Events · 01. February 2017
I've been invited to imagine and create the main design and templates for the Tribal Factory Circus dance show. Jump in the universe of tribal fusion belly dance with me!

Events · 02. November 2015
Opportunities, when they come... you take them and open your own workshop in town! I believe this day is one of the most important ones for me; the day when one of my dreams came true.

Events · 24. October 2014
Yearly exhibition with the "Club des Artistes" where I will be selling some artwork and goodies, along with 40 other artists!

Events · 25. October 2013
Weekend exhibition in Switzerland of some of my work (watercolor, digital painting, oil) along with a few other artists from all over the country.